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Thank you for checking out my website.  Photography has become a real passion for me.  I used to take documentation photos with a point-and-click camera, as part of past profession, but they had no artistic value.  I likely took 30,000+ photos of "Stuff" without any artistry to what I was capturing.  I never had a real artistic talent like the ability to draw, etc.  To this day I can't draw a stick figure without others questioning what it is.


It wasn't until I was doing a side job for my friends parents on Edisto Island, SC and at lunch I decided to take a photo of one of the grand oak trees on their property.  This particular tree is documented to be well over 400 years old (it is in my portfolio photos).  What I captured excited me.  It was likely the first photo that I took with any type artistic value to it.  I printed a copy and put it in a cheap frame and stared at it for a number of years.  I told myself that one day I would invest in a decent camera and follow my passion for photography.  Five years (nearly to the day of taking that photo) later I finally pulled the trigger to purchase a real DSLR.  I haven't put it down since.  I shoot every chance I get, whether it be sports, portraits (people and pets), scenic or whatever else my eye sees that is interesting.  Join me in viewing some of the moments in time I have captured.  Thanks again and I hope you enjoy my work as much  as I enjoy capturing it!

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